The Tahitian


The Tahitian is a very sturdy, thick wall contemporary planter. Ideal for mid sized plants and vining tropicals like Pothus, Philodendrons and Monstera. The heavily weighted base prevents your plant from toppling over as it matures. With the addition of a small 24″ mossy post you’ll be ready to grow.

These easy-clean ceramic pots are scratch and chip resistant, unlike terracotta they hold water in to prevent your soil from drying out. Remember, these pots are sealed, so do not over water. You can add a layer of fine pebbles to allow for drainage. Plant care is pretty simple, just water when dry.
   All UPS shipments insured in case of damage.
   Please check the below measurements prior to purchasing.

Quick Specs.

  • Height/ Width: 6″/ 6″
  • Material: Ceramic
  • Includes: 1 Container
  • Ships By: UPS
  • Top/ Bottom Inside: 3.5″/ 4.75″
  • Texture: Gloss
  • Color: Pale Blue/Gray
  • Shipping Rate: See Below

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