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Discover new releases of rare and unusual plants along with huge discounts on some of our most popular tropicals that are overstocked, only offered here to our US customers. 20% to 50% off offers and new products are added as they become available. Be sure to check back on this page frequently or refresh offers.

Our ginger-hibiscus mother plant building was filled the same day it was finished, the cold hardy hedychium, alpinia, zingiber and curcuma have rapidly grown to epic proportions. Looks like we should have made a taller roof.
These gingers and bananas are available at: urbanperennials

After eating one of these little gems a question pops into the head….Was this fruit the inspiration for Captain Crunch with CRUNCH BERRIES??!!!
Very sweet, abundant ½ inch round fruits with a juicy interior pulp and a tender exterior skin, hang like cherries waiting for harvest.

Some items won’t last long . These plants and discount prices are limited in quantity to only a few per week. Items on our main site will reflect regular pricing and availability.
“first come first served – when their gone their gone”