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XL Tequila Sunrise Agave, Weber Azul (agave tequilana marginata)

(XL Specimen, 6” Pot) An easy to grow, nicely variegated tequila variety. Agave tequilana Weber azul, is the only variety of agave permitted by federal law in Mexico to be used for tequila production. Used throughout Latin America in the making of tequila this handsome plant can grow to 15 feet in diameter and as tall as 30 feet when provided with the proper outdoor environment but can also maintain itself in a smaller container indoors or on a patio as well. The leaves which are a bluish green are thick and fleshy with spiny margins. A strikingly uniform and erect agave with a terminal spine that is large and amazingly sharp, it is a rapid grower and prolific off-setter. Tequila is produced by removing the heart of the plant once mature, removing the leaves, heating to convert the starches to sugars then the roasted core is pressed to release the sugary clear liquid, which is then fermented and distilled into alcohol.

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