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Inca Peanut Sacha Plant (plukenetia volubilis)


Grow your own Incan Peanuts! These roasted treats are the highest concentration of essential fatty acids in the world, at nearly 50% omega 3 by volume and extremely healthy to consume and are a tasty and crunchy alternative to store bought nuts. A versatile plant for the edible garden, the leaves can be cooked and eaten as a vegetable as well. A slender climbing shrub, scrambling over the ground and twining into fences and trellis. Small inconspicuous flowers turn into the weirdest four-sided fruit reminiscent of the folded origami paper boxes that children fold and blow up. On ripening, the fruits contain a soft black wet pulp that is inedible and are left to dry on the plant before harvest. By year 2 it is not unheard of to have a hundred or more, dried fruit on the vine, that can be harvested at a time, giving 400 to 500 seeds a few times a year. WOW that is one amazing plant! Raw seeds are inedible, but roasting after shelling makes them crunchy and tasty.

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