Costa Rican Cebra Dragon Fruit Cactus (hylocereus polyrhizus)


The fruits produced by Costa Rican Cebra Dragon Fruit are red with red tips in color with a bright red, delicious flesh inside that is edible and mild. Costa Rican Cebra is a wonderful mid yield, self pollinating variety, medium in size weighing on average 0.5 – 1.0 lbs. Easily adapted to a variety of growing conditions and soils, this beautiful night blooming cactus produces fruit best when allowed to climb on a burlap wrapped totem, trellis or your favorite tree. The huge 10-16 inch round flowers are highly fragrant and beautiful in form, usually lasting just one night.
Sorry, no fruit pics. This variety is new to us and has not fruited yet. Photos are of generic varieties simply for reference, more will be loaded as soon as fruit is produced.

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