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Baby Theo
(theobroma cacao real chocolate)

Fruit in as little as 3 years in a 18″ pot. Are you looking to add a new addition to your family? Meet BABY THEO. This cute little guy was born on April 14 2022 in Florida and is growing fast.

A small, tropical evergreen, up to 25 feet, with thick, oblong-oval, leaves. In a 24” container, kept trimmed to 6′ this tree often produces 5 to 10 pods annually. The cacao “beans” are produced in large, angular orange-ish capsules, up to a foot long and 4 inches diameter. The capsule rind is thick, hard and leathery. The capsules grow along the trunk and main branches. The beans, or seeds, about an inch across, range from 20 to 40 per capsule, and are embedded in an acid, fleshy pulp. After removal from the capsule, the beans are washed or fermented to remove the mucilaginous pulp. Chocolate is the sweetened or unsweetened product of the roasted and ground beans, with most of the fat retained.

When Baby Theo becomes an adult, he will have beautiful deep green leaves and delicate flower that develop on his trunk. Right now he is just a baby, When properly cared for Theo will mature at around 3-5 years of age. At that point Theo will produce beautiful crimson red chocolate pods with seeds that have a delicious tart, white chocolate flavor coating. The abundant seeds can be planted to raise more Theos or fermented and ground for homemade chocolate.

Pot Size: 3"x2"x2" Square
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